Dedication Plaque

Why the Animus?

Isn’t that the thing from Assassin’s Creed?

While Assassin’s Creed is a franchise favoured by the founding members of the Animus, its origin’s begin well before the adventures of Ezio and Altiair

In Latin, Animus means “the  mind, in a great variety of meanings: the rational soul in man,  intellect, consciousness, will, intention, courage, spirit, sensibility,  feeling, passion, pride, vehemence, wrath, etc., the breath, life, soul” The basic instincts that govern a person’s actions. It’s the freedom to be and act as one wishes, which is the core value of those on the Animus.

The Logo

The Logo of the USS Animus shares a lot of common themes with other ships emblems. Sitting in the forefront is a Valiant Class starship, for which the Animus was commissioned into Starfleet as, under which is a stylised Assassin’s Creed Starfleet Delta, hinting at the original history of the group. 

The colours within the Delta are reflective of the departmental colours of Starfleet, Command Red, Medical Blue and Operations Gold, along with two panels of grey, referring to the fictitious Animus’ role as an Intelligence Sloop.