Personal Log: Thoughts On The Training Exercise

Kiel Solace log something. I really need to number these. Made on the eighth of September at midnight on the Terran cycle.

So, we were going planet side for the first time in awhile, and I was excited. We were going for a training exercise. No one was going to die, no one was going to get hurt, I was relieved. I know I’m engineering, but I almost was in security. If I am planet side, my life isn’t as important as the squishy humans. I can take a beating, y’know?

Anyways, I was happy because we were safe. It was an escape room. We had to work as a team to get through it all and to make a decision. I will forever judge our dear Targ with a warm affection. Real sweet dork.

But we did so well and I’m so proud of the team. I knew nothing of half of them, but despite this, we worked so well together and it made me feel really good, really at home.

I made the dinner arrangements, and whilst our talks got political and sometimes downright painful on the history brought up that we’ve gone through, it made me feel like we all really connected and understood each other.

I mean, I overshared a ton, I know that, I feel like I put off some people because of it, but I figure, be open and blunt and we’ll be better off, right? Put it all out there and let them make an educated decision of me right off the bat. If they hate me or think I’m shit, like, fine, right? Do it right off the bat rather than I build a bond and be broken down, right?

Anyways, no, the whole crew is awesome! Like, all the family I dreamed of having, a reason I moved to join the Fleet to begin with. Because humans just get me, y’know?

Here is my home, and the crew makes it that way. I love them so much. Thank you guys, if you’re reading the words or hearing my tear stained voice. Thank you, for having faith in me, for looking to me and seeing my worth, for showing me that I am not a waste, but rather worth everything, not just to the Captain, but to a good chunk of the crew.

Thank you, for becoming my family, and I hope that I never let you guys down.