The Travelling Trekkies: Joint Training with The Royal Manticoran Army

In a new endeavour, I traded my Animus pattern uniform for the Gunnery Service Dress of The Royal Manticoran Army when I joined the staff of Field Marshall Thacker, 2IC Royal Manticoran Army for a joint Starfleet-TRA exercise.

I’ll be travelling through their fleet, learning what I can, and passing on what I can to their gunners. Artillery is Artillery after all.

The Royal Manticoran Army (RMA) is the fourth and youngest of the original branches of The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official honour Harrington Fan Organization (TRMN). By lore, the Army is the branch of the Royal Manticoran Armed Forces responsible for taking and holding ground on planetary bodies, stabilizing and protecting Manticoran worlds, disaster relief, and peacekeeping operations. The RMA was established and charged with developing the equipment and doctrine to fight a major ground war if required.

I mean the USS Animus is an Intelligence Sloop after all.

This is going to be fun.


Major AnnaZey thas-Nan
Royal Manticoran Army- Artillery Corps