Who are we?

We are a Star Trek Fan Club based in Canberra and the NSW Southern Tablelands. Our sphere of influence stretches from Bowral in the North, Wagga Wagga in the west and the New South Wales/Victorian border in the South.

What do we do?

We enjoy meeting up every month or so at various events like Oz Comic-Con, GammaCon, Goulburn Comic-Con and visiting out to the Canberra Deep Space Communications Centre. We also enjoy building props, and hanging out. We also do a lot of events with our Parent Chapter, The Ty in the upper New South Wales area.

We are also developing our own narrative through experiences like Star Trek Online, text based Role-play and fan-fiction writing.

The Original crew of the Animus at Oz Comic Con

The Animus’ Command Staff at GammaCon Wagga Wagga

The Animus with members of the Ty at the Canberra Deep Space Communications Telescope

When and Where?

At the moment as we are still being established, we only really meet up at events, as our members are from as far as Wagga Wagga and Melbourne.