We’re going on a Bear Hunt

There is a movement popping up around the planet, and our home base the USS Animus is no different. Scattered around our ship, in viewports from Goulburn to Canberra, teddy bears are popping up to let the young of our patrol know that as a community we are all in this together and that while it is a little scary right now, that things are going to get better. So much so that my sister and I decided to join our Ursine companion outside our captain’s quarters, to let the locals know that while we may not all be Starfleet, we are all in this together and that as a community we will overcome this.

While our white-furred companion stands vigil alongside us outside our captain’s quarters, deep within the heart of the Animus, our Chief of Operations and Chief Science Officer’s quarters have been regularly rotating various plush characters to excite and entertain their passersby.  The one thing we haven’t had s bear in a Starfleet Uniform, hopefully, we’ll have

one soon.

We know that the current situation has but the initial purpose of the Traveling Trekkies into Drydock, but my sister and I wanted to let you know that we are still travelling the planet (while adhering to local quarantine laws and social distancing) and we still want to meant each and every one of you if you’ll let us.

Until this situation has been resolved and landmarks, events and gatherings are allowed to happen again, we will start showcasing whichever group, chapter or individual that shows us around.


Live long and Prosper,

The Traveling Trekkies

Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander AnnaZey thas-Nan

Supanova Melbourne

Missy and I travelled south to see our colleagues on the USS Southern Cross also assigned to Region 11 to see them at Supanova, a convention that has events all over Australia, and as you can see from the report from their Commanding Officer, we took them more than a little by surprise.

Anna and Missy with the CO and XO of the USS Southern Cross

The USS Southern Cross dropped out of warp following a protracted and arduous journey. We made orbit around a planet so we could watch a newly formed Supanova in the system of Melbourne. As captain, I had made the decision that I would personally lead this away mission and leave my XO in the centre chair. We would install sensor equipment on the planet to study the effects of a Supanova on this unhabituated planet.

But unbeknownst to myself or any of the Crosses crew. We had visitors hours earlier a Starfleet vessel had already arrived and had made obit on the other side of the planet. The USS Animus had also intercepted the Supanova expedition. But had been summoned away to help with an emergency. The two crewmembers that’s had gone down by shuttle was indeed a welcome surprise once we landed ourselves. They had a long-range shuttle and had also begun to install sensor equipment. I had contacted the USS Animus‘s CO Captian Ross Manuel and informed him that it would be the USS Southern Cross‘s honour to collaborate on this and that we would rendezvous with the USS Animus in forty-eight hours. The Supanova shock wave wasn’t expected for a good nine days. So, Lt Commander AnnaZey thas-Nan and Lt Commander MistHrey ses-Var became guests of the USS Southern Cross.

Live Long and Prosper
The Travelling Trekkies
Lieutenant Commander AnnaZey thas-Nan

GIO Stadium with the USS Animus

It is one thing entirely to say that the most popular past time of the residents of Region 11 is sport. So when the threat of Global Pandemic from Covid-19, and it was no different.

On March 15, 2020, when I joined my CO, Commander Ross Manuel of the USS Animus on the occasion of the last game of the Super Rugby men’s rugby union international club competition.
The game was between the NSW Warratahs and the Plus500 Brumbies of the Australian Capital Territory. This would be considered an Animus local derby as both teams operate within our patrol sector.
It’s exciting watching Human sports, we don’t have this kind of warmth or athletic displays on Andoria. though it was encouraging to see that the local authorities where regularly encouraging social distancing and the application of proper hand hygiene.

While as an Andorian I am immune to the Novel Covid-19 infection, I recommend all sentients to exercise effective hand hygiene and adhere to all instructions from health agencies.

Though the CO expected the outcome, that the team he supports the Waratahs were unlikely to emerge victorious considering their past performance this tournament, he was not expecting the outcome to be 47-14 in the favour of the Brumbies.

It made for a quiet ride back to the Animus.

I didn’t want to mention to him that I always appreciated Terran horses.


Lt Commander AnnaZey thas-Nan

The Australian War Memorial with the USS Animus

Stardate 202001.03
For our first away mission, Missy and I visited the Australian War Memorial, located in Canberra, Australia, which is in the patrol area of the USS Animus of Region 11.

Me outside the front of the Australian War Memorial

The Australian War Memorial is a national memorial to the members of its armed forces and supporting organisations who have died or participated in wars involving the Commonwealth of Australia, and some conflicts involving personnel from the Australian colonies prior to Federation. The memorial includes an extensive national military museum. The Australian War Memorial was opened in 1941 and is widely regarded as one of the most significant memorials of its type in the world.

Missy outside the Memorial

It contains one of the worlds largest mosaics with over six million individual tiles and is the largest stone structure in the Southern Hemisphere. It’s one part shrine, one part museum and one part research centre.

It’s incredibly humbling to be on the grounds of what so many in Australian society consider to be their most sacred space, as it not only serves as the Museum, Shrine and Research Centre, but for 102,000 of the 102,888 names on the Roll of Honour, it serves as a defacto grave, as it was not until the Vietnam War, that Australian service personnel were repatriated back to Australia for burial, so this building served for most of its 79 years as a place for family members to pay their respects to their fallen.

Live Long and Prosper
The Travelling Trekkies
Lieutenant Commander AnnaZey thas-Nan