Adventures with the USS Appomattox

I met up with the USS Appomattox in Region 1 at the tail end of July. while in Lynchburg, VA where I was billeted by Vice Admiral Grunwell and Commander Wray. They were very accommodating and took me out to the Monument Terrace a place dedicated to the service and sacrifice of veterans in the local area. (I’m seeing a trend here in my visits 😁😁).

The First World War Statue is magnificent.

Afterwards, I met my first Petfleet Member and I have to say I love Ginger Sprouse I want to meet more pets.

Following my adventure with Admiral Grunwell, I visited Marine Captain Kimberly Landen, in Chesapeake Virginnia 157th MSG 1st BDE, and encountered a mysterious doll belonging to the Captain.

Who knows where I’ll end up next.

Lt Commander AnnaZey thas-Nan