We’re going on a Bear Hunt

There is a movement popping up around the planet, and our home base the USS Animus is no different. Scattered around our ship, in viewports from Goulburn to Canberra, teddy bears are popping up to let the young of our patrol know that as a community we are all in this together and that while it is a little scary right now, that things are going to get better. So much so that my sister and I decided to join our Ursine companion outside our captain’s quarters, to let the locals know that while we may not all be Starfleet, we are all in this together and that as a community we will overcome this.

While our white-furred companion stands vigil alongside us outside our captain’s quarters, deep within the heart of the Animus, our Chief of Operations and Chief Science Officer’s quarters have been regularly rotating various plush characters to excite and entertain their passersby.  The one thing we haven’t had s bear in a Starfleet Uniform, hopefully, we’ll have

one soon.

We know that the current situation has but the initial purpose of the Traveling Trekkies into Drydock, but my sister and I wanted to let you know that we are still travelling the planet (while adhering to local quarantine laws and social distancing) and we still want to meant each and every one of you if you’ll let us.

Until this situation has been resolved and landmarks, events and gatherings are allowed to happen again, we will start showcasing whichever group, chapter or individual that shows us around.


Live long and Prosper,

The Traveling Trekkies

Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander AnnaZey thas-Nan