Mission Report: RTX Sydney 3-4/2/18

Sydney, New South Wales 3-4/2/2018

Content Warning: This Mission Report was written before the news of the termination of the Mad King from Achievement Hunter following inappropriate activities. This report has been altered to reflect recent news.

Early in 2018, the members of the Shuttle Animus travelled up to Sydney to the Sydney Exhibition and Convention Centre to attend the third ever RoosterTeeth Expo: Sydney (RTX:Sydney), and on the way, we picked up the Shuttle Commander of the Shuttle Damascus who joined in on our shenanigans.

RTX is a series of annual gaming and Internet conventions created by Internet entertainment company RoosterTeeth which briefly held this event in Sydney along with their home convention in Austin Texas. Like the previous two attendances, we attended both days but decided to delve into the realm of mash-up group cosplay.

On Saturday, we doffed the arms and armour of WesterAHous, a Game of Thrones/Achievement Hunter Mashup based on the companies Minecraft Let’s Plays.

L to R PO1 Johnston and War Queen Mogar, Lieutenant Commander Manuel as the Mad King of Achievement City, PO1 Hough as Jack of the North, Lieutenant Barre as Gavvy of the Wildlands
Lt JG Manuel as Meg Turney cosplaying the Mad King (meta)

This event was special for the Shuttle Commander, as it was the first event since he and the CMO wed the previous November.
Owing to the fact that our mashup was self-made, it wasn’t particularly understood, but there were enough similarities to get some recognition from the fellow con goers.

On Sunday, was the day that we booked our autograph and photo sessions so we decided to reprise a much more recognizable group of costumes with reprising Achievement Hunters Fake AH Crew from the Grand Theft Auto series of games.

L to R: Lt Commander Manuel as the Mad One, LtJG Manuel as Jack, PO1 Hough as Ray, LtJG Barre as Gavin, PO1 Johnston as Michael

While we had planned on returning in 2019 with a new slate of RoosterTeeth related cosplays, we discovered that there would not be another RTX: Sydney as the convention was replaced with a one-off travelling Lets Play Live.