Mission Report: Crew Training (Riddle Room) 7/8/19

Canberra- Australian Capital Territory 7/9/19

For one evening, the USS Animus suspended our usual Intelligence Gathering duties to conduct a training exercise for some of our newest crewmembers. Captain Ross Manuel (CO), Commander Jasmin Manuel (XO/CMO) and Lieutenant Commander Peter Hough (2IC/COO) took five of our newest members Midshipmen Banks, Dobbs, Weatherby-Fell, Zomer and newly minted Ensign Slaney to a survival exercise organised by the Riddle Room, a Puzzle- Escape Room establishment on the northern side of Canberra.

The Riddle Room is the highest rated puzzle establishment in Australia, and when we arrived, it was of no surprise why. After being signed in, we were facilitated by Nikki, our host into the briefing room who also oversaw the training exercise.

We participated in the Hotel exercise, where the crew were locked in an ‘abandoned and haunted hotel’ and had to work together to escape. Considering that this was the first time most of the crew had met each other face to face, after joining following GammaCon (See Mission Report), the crew meshed remarkably well, easily complimenting each other’s abilities and skills to overcome each of the ten challenges, ranging from repetitive patterns, team exercises, sequential acts and memory exercises.

For a group of people that had not been exposed to this kind of training mission, the crew handled the ever changing scenario with calm and confidence you’d expect to see from seasoned veterans. There was no argument, only collaboration, and despite the challenges, the crew acted in accordance to the values of Starfleet, (with only one dissenting opinion on the last objective).

After completing the final objective (admittedly with a few assists from our host) we overcame the challenges and rescued the trapped non-corporeal life form within sixty-five minutes (the average for this scenario) and exited the simulation centre.

Following the event, the crew retired to a local restaurant, the “Spit Shack” to partake in a delicious traditional Croatian meal and a chance to further strengthen the bonds forged within training.

a happy crew following a successful mission

Looking back on this event, I can only see the newest additions to the Animus will continue to excel, and not even the horizon will stop their development.

Onwards to further adventures.