The USS Animus is a Star Trek/Sci-Fi Fan club based in Southern New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory from our home base in Goulburn NSW.

We participate in a wide range of activities from all kinds of popular culture including cosplay, RPG/TTRPG, Creative Writing, Prop Building, Video Games, MMORPG’s and Social Gatherings. Our interests extend beyond Star Trek to include other fandoms from fantasy, TV and movies.

We have regular meetings, events, outings and we enjoy attending conventions, and events around Southern New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, both outside and within the Star Trek genre. The crew get together and learn to build props both large and small.

The Animus is a meeting chapter of Starfleet: the International Star Trek Fan Association Inc, apart of the 11th Fleet, along with our sister ‘ships’ USS Tydirium in Sydney, and USS Orion Star in Newcastle. We comprise the NSW Task Force of the larger Australia/New Zealand Fleet to provide an encriching Star Trek Experience.

The USS Animus was founded on Stardate 70134.4 (1 September 2016).

If you are thinking of joining the ship or would like to know more information, feel free to contact our commanding team below.

Captain Ross Manuel

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Commander Peter Hough

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Lieutenant Commander Jasmin Manuel

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